Leasing Programs 

Fair Market Value (FMV)

This plan is targeted at those customers who are concerned about obsolescence. It offers a variety of options at the end of the lease. It is especially beneficial for customers wanting to have a lower monthly payment. A FMV allows the flexibility at the end of the lease to decide whether to purchase the equipment, extend the lease, or upgrade the equipment based on business needs.

$1.00 Buyout

This program is recommended to those customers who are certain they wish to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term. No tax benefits are available for this plan.   

10% Pre-Paid
This program is designed to offer a lower monthly payment with the added comfort of a fixed purchase option.

10% Buyout Plan
This plan is targeted at the customer who desires a fixed purchase option. At the inception of the lease, the purchase option total is fixed at 10% of the equipment's original cost.

Deferred Payment Programs
Infinity leasing offers the lessee the opportunity to eliminate the down payment for a 60 - 90 day window before the first lease payment is due. This program helps the lessee manage their cash flow.


Zero Down Lease Programs
Infinity Leasing allows the lessee to take possession of the equipment with zero cash outlay and the first payment is deferred for 30 days..


Step Payment Programs
Infinity Leasing offers the lessee the opportunity to establish a lower monthly payment at the start of the lease and step up payments over the life of the contract.


90 Days - Same as Cash - Programs
Infinity Leasing allows the vendor to release equipment to the customer as long as the customer agrees to pay the full amount within 90 days of delivery. The program pays the vendor upon release of the equipment and also offers the lessee the option to convert to a conventional lease after 90 days.

Seasonal Payment Programs
Infinity Leasing tailors this program for lessees who have interrupted cash flows due to the seasonal nature of their business. Under this program, lease payments are paid only during months the business operates and/or generates cash flow.

Municipal Lease Programs
Infinity Leasing has knowledgeable and experienced staff to help secure municipal leases. We offer competitive rates on leases for tax-exempt, taxable municipals and 501c3 organizations.